File Upload for Instructors


1 Enter the name of the Instructor uploading a file.

2 List the name of the main Training Centre the Instructor is associated with.

3 Use the “Choose File” button to locate the file you want to upload. (5Mb max)

4 Enter a description or any other information required in regards to the file being uploaded.

5 Once you’ve selected the file and added the necessary details click the Upload & Submit button.

Instructor Image Suggestions

If uploading Instructor Profile images ensure the photo to be submitted is at least 400 pixels wide (minimum), ideally at least 600 pixels wide or more. The larger and sharper the photo the better the result will be. The final image will be square when placed into position and may be cropped and resized as required so ensure enough space around the edge of the subject to ensure this is possible. Most image types are acceptable.