Dear Instructors for the Rhee TaeKwon-Do, the sun is setting on our great 2019 year and is about to rise brightly on us for 2020, our 50th year in Brisbane, our sliver jubilee. What an achievement and major milestone. Firstly our thanks must go to our Father and Founder World Master Rhee for establishing his dream here in Brisbane and his continued obligation to come to us and upgrade all Instructors and members alike. We owe him a huge debt, and by continuing to spread our great art here in dynamic Brisbane region we are repaying that debt as we grow and expand.
I look forward to seeing and hearing of all you exploits as we continue to conquer Brisbane suburb by suburb.
I thank all my great Instructors for your continued hard work and dedication throughout this year.
Have a restful break, have a merry Christmas, relax and find some time to contemplate the future of your branch for 2020…it is in your hands.
Best regards and Yum Seng,

Your Master Instructor for Australia,
Chong Kwan Jang Nim Jerry Hatter